Rosa Ponselle memories


“The same season Norman Treigle appeared in Boris, Adriana Maliponte sang Violetta in Traviata for us. The season before, 1966-67, she sang Bohème for us, impressing everyone with the quality of her artistry. She was already an established singer and was then trying to get a Metropolitan contract. After working with her I put in a call to the Met and suggested they hear her. An audition was arranged and eventually she got her contract. In all, she coached Mimi, Manon, and Violetta with me; she was anxious to learn, always receptive to my ideas, and a pleasure to work with. Especially with Traviata, a profound interest in the history of the role was apparent in her many questions to me. Not only did she want to know everything about my own Violetta; she was just as curious about Gemma Bellincioni's characterization as well. Adriana's fluid lyric-soprano voice reminded me a little of that of Victoria de Los Angeles. Complemented by her fine acting and commanding musicianship, her singing has been an asset to the Metropolitan ever since they awarded her a contract.[…]”


From: Ponselle, a singer’s life, by Rosa Ponselle & James A. Drake, pag. 204



  • Rosa Ponselle gives flowers to Adriana after La Traviata in Baltimore (1969-70);
  • James A. Drake dedication to Adriana on the first page of Rosa Ponselle book.


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